Precautions you Must Take Before Visiting the Burjkhalifa

The world’s tallest building by the name of Burj Khalifa surely has attracted a lot of attention across the globe ever since it got constructed in the desert city of Dubai. The towering construction reaching high out in the blue sky is a work of art to be mesmerized with alongside being a showcase of human engineering skills.

Visiting the Burjkhalifa

What Exactly Lies?

For the first time visitors, the sight of the mighty tower makes all other surrounding towers appear minuscule. The shadow cast on the ground by the tower itself is about a mile long which roughly gives an idea of its length even by not looking at the actual building. Dhow cruise is also fascinating for so many tourists.

Decked up with 163 floors and standing at a height of 829.8 meters, the tower has a number of observation decks. The highest observation deck is at the 148th floor giving the tourists and visitors a view that is second to none.

Getting in There:

Who doesn’t want to sample the thrill, excitement, and awe all blended into one by visiting the world’s tallest structure till date? Dubai as one of the emirates of United Arab Emirates is quite well known for a luxury and shopping destination. A vibrant nightlife to add, it is teeming with tourists, visitors, and locals.

Following in the same lines of its location, the building Burj Khalifa to be made for any particular time of visit and rather it is accessible at any part of the day. Popular choices of visitors state it is at its best for visiting during or before the sunset over the desert.

Tourists armed with their cameras as is spotted more often can indulge in taking a number of pictures from the top observation deck. The picture can be taken for daylight hours, blue hours and even the sunset slowly rolling into a beautiful evening. Since the word has spread now about the break taking evening view experience, the ticket prices have also increased considerably for the sunset hours at Burj Khalifa.

Once at the Top:

It is up to the visitors to decide on the time they want to spend once they are at the top of the tower. Though, normally it has been seen to not exceed more than an hour in an average. It is also advisable to the visitors for keeping some additional spare time as the queue to reach the elevator might get lengthy. Once inside the elevator, it doesn’t take more than a minute to reach the observation top deck. There are not so precautions you should maintain, but it is very important to follow some of the rules like walking carefully and avoiding shoes.

Burj Khalifa isn’t short of providing some of the best in class options in terms of facilities and amenities even when it is about simply viewing pleasure. The observation decks have two parts of indoors and outdoors. The indoor deck facing the directions of North, West, and South goes on to be three-quarters of the total area. The decks come all air-conditioned and covered with huge panels of glass.

And the outdoor deck comprises of the remaining one-quarter of the floor with good views of the east, south, and north of the city. A whole day of an outing to the Burj Khalifa requires long hours of standing for the visitors. It is a must for visitors to wear comfortable footwear for enduring these long standing hours.

Temperatures at the top of the deck are a lot cooler than what it is at the ground level. The wind is very strong and gusty at the top. It is this reason as to why glass panels are installed for preventing the wind from dispersing the visitors. Photographers have a gala time for the horizontal spaces that exist within glass encouraging photography.
The Burj Khalifa is open for the visitors on a daily basis, starting from 8.30 AM in the morning to 12 at midnight. The very last entry for the observation deck is 45 minutes before it closes down for the day.

Thus reaching the top of the sky and witnessing the Earth’s curvature just takes some simple easy planning for a lifetime’s worth of experience.

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